Finding My Way


In my quest to figure out my writing life, I have joined groups, signed up for classes, researched, compiled, embraced and rejected a whole lot of people and programs. This journey is like feeling your way through a maze blindfolded and spinning circles.  

So I’ve decided to share the love 🙂 Misery loves company and all that. And if I had to pick one person to join me on this adventure, it would be YOU! Buckle up Buttercup—here we go!!!

My newest find, which looks promising, is Amy Lynn Andrews. You can check her out here at Knowtbook .

The Knowtbook link is my first ever affiliate link, which means if you click on it and then purchase something, I will receive a discount or a small portion in return for your business. It’s all clear as mud at the moment so stay tuned or hop on over to Amy’s site (which is where I am headed) to get some badly needed clarification. 

I would love love love to know what your writing adventures look like. Shoot me a message in the comments so we can help each other remove these blindfolds 🙂

Pen in hand…..


Make Writing A Habit


My garden flags

The other day, the leader of my writing group (The Coterie – ) mentioned a site she uses, 750words. So I decided to give it a go. I’m hooked! Not only does it give me the nudge I often need, it is training me to make writing something every single day a habit. I don’t write great stories there. It is more a place to empty out. A head dump. An exercise mat.

Give it a go. And tell me what you think 🙂

Go write – Maria