So Frustrated

WordPress says this site does not exist.

I just paid them money for a private domain name which they gladly took.

I can’t seem to get past the email to request help because….this domain doesn’t exist. Someone please help me.

Unleashed All Done!

I apologize for such a delayed update to my Unleashed Mitts. They are long finished and given away. 

Here they are, modeled by their new owner. I opted to make them simply fingerless rather than convertible. Didn’t they turn out nice? 

So many projects yet to go! I better get back at it. 

Deep in the needles, 


Mother of Purl

Late last summer Hubs and I got this darling little kitten. She was said to be 8weeks old but acted and looked more like around 4 or 5 weeks. We decided to call her Purl. 

Hubs and I thought Purl would be a nice playmate for our Shi tzu, Molly. We soon discovered probably not. 

She seems to think she is better suited to the company and association of Brutus. Okay. Fine. I won’t pick your friends Purl. 

But Molly isn’t the only thing in our home Purl seems bent on destroying. 

She has systematically eliminated every nest, egg & bird in our home. None of them alive thankfully. But still, I rather liked them all. And that is not all. She has completely wiped out most decor and/or order atop every table, hutch, bookshelf or flat surface. Broken several prized possessions. Purl is either the clumsiest cat ever known to man or she breaks all of my lovelies for pure spite. 

Yes, she also drinks from the toilet. 

Still, there are moments when she is disarmingly charming. Sweet and beautiful. 

This window sill still remains intact… I pray she leaves me this tiny bit to enjoy. 

Gotta run, I think she has another victim!



I’ve almost finished week one of Knit Purl Hunter’s mystery KAL- Unleashed. They are convertible mitts. You know … Fingerless Mitts with a little flap on the end you can slip into place to turn them into mittens!

So far this is a fun and interesting project. Michelle Hunter is one of the very best in her field. Join the knit along here Unleashed KAL

I’m knitting mine two at a time on a 40″ circular needle using the magic loop method. This way when I’m done, I’m done! And both mitts will be the same size. My tension and gauge are all over the place because of Omar (my chronic pain) so I have difficulty getting the same size gloves, socks, etc. twice. Magic Loop to the rescue. 

And let me know how yours are coming along in the comments 🙂

Deep in the needles…Maria

Here comes the sun…

 Our Sunflowers are blooming. I bought the seeds and brought them home. Hubs took and planted them in little pots, giving them a head start before putting them in the garden. He then spent hours on hands and knees digging through more rock than soil, slicing weed barrier and pressing bark deep into his flesh as he planted them all along the back fence. We have watered and nurtured these little babies for many many weeks now. Such a joy to behold! 

When I say “we” I actually mean “he”. God has blessed me with a man who understands my limitations. Hubs has a seemingly infinite ability to show grace in the face of my chronic illness. I dabble here and there, trying my best to contribute in some meaningful way to our household but he is the chief cook, gardener, housekeeper, and dog caregiver. As well as MY caregiver.  And I just wanted you to know. 

Happy 4th of July ya’ll 🙂


Hello world!

I am happy to introduce you to my friend’s new website/blog. Please check her out and give her your feedback. Enjoy!

Cottage Coterie

The dictionary quotes that coterie is a group of persons who associate closely for social purposes. My explanation of Cottage Coterie is a group of people tied in some way to the past with a vision of warmth of the hearth, and a passion to re-create a vision that signifies their love of past times. To take a tattered, sometimes discarded item or home to be loved and brought to its pinnacle once more. To give new birth and inclusion, to be embraced. WELCOME to The Cottage Coterie, a place to be embraced by all.

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When She Turned 53

Her mind continues to visit that last day. Her last birthday. He is slumped on a dirty broken recliner. Wild uncombed hair standing up mad falling forward on his head. Red and blue striped pullover stained with another days attempt at eating. His eyes are desperate. Pleading for help. God help him. He can’t swallow and the nurses tell me it’s the Alzheimer’s. natural progression of the disease. They use this excuse to neglect him. To turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on this sweet gentle soul who spent his entire life loving and helping other people in pain. He coughs and try’s to clear his throat. His tongue is pushing thick yellow green, almost brown, foul smelling mucus around his mouth trying to get it out. I slowly tentatively place my index finger between his teeth. He grits and grinds those teeth almost all the time anymore. I ask him “Daddy, please don’t bite me okay? I’m gonna try to help you Daddy. Don’t bite me” and he opens his mouth a little more for me, his eyes searching mine beseeching me for rescue from his living hell. My finger hooks into the rope of mucus so thick and heavy that it pulls back as I tug it up out of his throat. This. This ugly brownish yellow snake has been choking him for how long? Of course he can’t eat for Chrissake; he is slowly dying from neglect. And where have I been? Where oh where was I that was so very important that I wasn’t here to see to help to speak out. How many days had it been…

New Knitters

I love new knitters. Their level of interest and enthusiasm is contagious. And honestly, I feel like a new mother with each new student, coaxing them along, encouraging them step by step, beginning again and again when nessesary. I can almost hear it when that “ah ha” moment hits 🙂

Jennifer’s “Begin To Knit Scarf”

After covering the basics of knitting including the knit and purl stitch, my beginning knitters all make a scarf using the Begin To Knit Scarf pattern and a skein of Cascade Pure Alpaca yarn. The luxury of the alpaca yarn helps the new knitters stay interested in their new skill, which is essential because new knitters must practice every day! 

As with most things in the life of someone with a chronic illness, there are many many times I really don’t want to deal with people. But, my newbies always bring a smile to my face, making me glad I showed up for another day 🙂

Deep in the needles…



How did I let this happen. All of it. This deep aching sorrow deep inside my soul. Pain with no ease. It seems to take a lifetime to figure out what you should’ve done. I didn’t see you. I was blind. I failed. This is what resides inside. I’m sorry is simply not enough. 

Safe by OK Sweetheart…this is for you.

Getting un-stuck

For the past year or two, I’ve tried to have this blog. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone…satisfy my desire to write by writing posts about my love of fiber arts. It’s been good, when I could get my computer to cooperate. And I think I’ve written a clever or entertaining post here and there. But what I have discovered is this; I am no longer a prolific artist of anything. My projects, be they knit, crochet, spinning, jewelry, or visual art, do not come to fruition in rapid succession. Usually, by the time I complete a project, there is no time for documentation. I wrap it up and send it off to its intended recipient. More often than not, it is left – half finished – to languish in my project basket. 

And my writing? Non-existent. 

I have to write. I’m going to write. For me.  It may not be pretty. Grammatical. Interesting even. But, by George it will be written. Well…actually it will be written by me 😉

So there you have it. And this is how I am becoming unstuck:

 The Coterie with Elora Nicole

Check her out. You too will be shouting WRITE ON!