How did I let this happen. All of it. This deep aching sorrow deep inside my soul. Pain with no ease. It seems to take a lifetime to figure out what you should’ve done. I didn’t see you. I was blind. I failed. This is what resides inside. I’m sorry is simply not enough. 

Safe by OK Sweetheart…this is for you.

Getting un-stuck

For the past year or two, I’ve tried to have this blog. I figured I could kill two birds with one stone…satisfy my desire to write by writing posts about my love of fiber arts. It’s been good, when I could get my computer to cooperate. And I think I’ve written a clever or entertaining post here and there. But what I have discovered is this; I am no longer a prolific artist of anything. My projects, be they knit, crochet, spinning, jewelry, or visual art, do not come to fruition in rapid succession. Usually, by the time I complete a project, there is no time for documentation. I wrap it up and send it off to its intended recipient. More often than not, it is left – half finished – to languish in my project basket. 

And my writing? Non-existent. 

I have to write. I’m going to write. For me.  It may not be pretty. Grammatical. Interesting even. But, by George it will be written. Well…actually it will be written by me 😉

So there you have it. And this is how I am becoming unstuck:

 The Coterie with Elora Nicole

Check her out. You too will be shouting WRITE ON!


Try again…

Dear Readers,

My blogging journey has been a frustrating one. I have made many efforts to share here but due to one thing or another, I have failed. Never one to take the hint-here I am trying again!

This post is a test to see if everything works now. Hang on to your hats! Here we go…

(Birthday Roses)

Deep in the needles,


Summer Sweater KAL

I think this is just about the cutest shrug I’ve seen in a loooong time! Of course, the PINK yarn she is using is perfection 😉

Sticks and Spoons

I’m participating in my first ever knit-a-long ya’ll. It’s very exciting 🙂

At first I was a bit perplexed at the title- Summer Sweater KAL…who wears sweaters in the summer? (Actually I do all the time lol. I get cold at night and have a dozen light weight cardigans. My husband teases me for going to an event carrying a sweater when it’s 100 out.) but there were a lot of tees and tops and cardigans in the suggestions, and I found a pattern that I am so excited to wear.

It’s called Twist Shrug, and it has sizes starting at 2T, which I love.


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Summer Morning, Coffee & Knitting

Does it get any better than this?!




This is my Wild Cherry Shawl. I am knitting it in To Dye For Glow (I think). It is about 95% llama and 5% stellina (the stuff that does the glowing).

I bought this yarn a couple of years ago from Alpaca Direcjust for me.  And since then, I’ve been looking and waiting for just the right pattern to use it on. Wild Cherry is thee perfect one!

Someone tried to convince me to give it to them instead of keeping it for myself…I can’t seem to remember who that was. Hmmm.  Too bad 😉

Happy Knitting 🙂


The Charm of Vintage Pinafores

Long ago I came across this Angel Wing Pinafore  pattern and knew I wanted to make it. I saved it to my bookmarks. Then I came across it again and saved it to Evernote. Later, I saw it on Ravelry and yes, I saved it in my library! I really liked the straight forward-ness (is that even a word?) of the pattern and it’s vintage design. I mean, how many of us even know what a pinafore is?

Pinafores were a daily part if life in days of yore. They were worn over your dress much like an apron, protecting your clothing from the grit and grime of daily life. Pinafores were typically made of muslin or calico fabric, easily laundered and durable. They fastened in the back, usually just at the top. They often incorporated ruffles or embroidery as decorative touches.

I adore all things vintage. I am 54 years old so that excludes so called vintage things from the 70’s and newer! Anyway, I digress 😉
I have 2 darling little girls next door who’s mother’s tastes run similar to mine in this area and it is a blast to needle and hook my way into cute pinafores for them!

I started by making one following the pattern as written in Cascade Ultra Pima Cotton from Alpaca Direct.



The pattern is written for newborn to 3 months. The eldest, Emma, is 5 so obviously I was going to have to make this pinafore bigger.

Now, I am not a designer. Changing pattern sizes, for me, is limited to the most rudimentary skills. I.e. changing yarn weight and hook or needle size! Any nimbleness of brain to add or subtract stitches here or there has gone by the wayside to make room for Omar (see my bio) 🙂
Even tho I know this about myself, I made 4, yes 4 attempts to rewrite this simple pattern to suit my needs. Each one was a disaster failed. Finally, I used a worsted weight cotton, Berroco Weekend, and a size K hook, following the pattern exactly except for adding one extra row to the yoke. This was the result:


Perfection! Yay! It fit Emma like I had carefully measured every inch! Ha!

Since then, I have made one for Ellie, Emma’s 18 month old sister. And am working on one for another special little girl named Avery 🙂 wow, do I ever LOVE this pattern!

I think you will too. Enjoy!


Picot Edge Slouch Hat


Hello fellow yarn lovers. Today I’m sharing with you my latest favorite :), Plymouth Yarn’s Royal Llama Silk Hat by Jan Wise. The pattern is a free download at http://blog.plymouthyarn.com/2010/01/29/royal-llama-silk-hat/
It can also be found on Ravelry.

I knit mine with one skein of Malabrigo Rios, approx. 200 yds, on size 6 & 8 16″ circulars, and size 8 dbl points at the end.

I made a couple of adjustments in the pattern. First off, Round 5 she calls it the turning round. What she means is this is the round you will fold up to create that lovely picot edge. The pattern calls for you to keep a very long tail to use later to stitch the hem up to create this picot edge. I find it easier to follow the pattern to Round 9. At Round 9, fold the beginning edge, picking up one edge stitch along with the stitch on your needle, knitting these two stitches together, repeating around the hat. No need for that long tail and more finish work at the end of your project!

See how the edge, when first knitted, has no picot edge…





Fold the cast in edge up to meet the your stitches of the 9th round, pick up one stitch of cast on edge and knit tog with one stitch on the left needle from round 9. Repeat around hat. Voila! Now you have a beautiful picot edge 🙂

Secondly, the sizes are listed as 19.55 / 20 inches. This just creates all kinds of questions in my head. Suffice to say I have a 23″ head. The 20″ size is plenty big enough for my head. Not in the least bit tight.

I hope you will give this hat a try. It is simple, very pretty, and adapted well to my Malabrigo Rios yarn 🙂

The Whoosh

There is a funny little saying( which my pain addled brain can’t recall verbatim right now ) that refers to deadlines and the WHOOSH sound they make as they pass you by…it’s been quite that way around my house lately! I’m not even entirely sure that anyone even reads any of this anymore since I have been silent for so long! Well, enough of that. I’ m here now, right 🙂

I want to share my finished Herringbone Cowl with you. I first talked about it here. This is a case where looks can be deceiving. They ARE deceiving!


This gorgeous cowl is soft and squishy and oh so warm! The herringbone design gives it structure, preventing it from falling in on itself. The effect is a bit stiff looking but once you put it on-ohhhhhh heaven!

I used a sample of Malabrigo Rasta that Kelley is considering carrying in Alpaca Direct. I am wondering if any of you have ever used it or would like to try it too?

My Review

Authentic Rock Buttons!

By KnitWhit with a pen from Post Falls, ID on 9/24/2013


5out of 5

Pros: Light Weight, Smooth, real rock

Best Uses: Sweaters, Gloves, Cowls, Accessorize, Embellishment, Paintable

Was this a gift?: No

I purchased these natural stone buttons to use on a cowl I knitted. I needed something to enhance the beautiful chunky yarn I used in my cowl and these smooth, river rock-like buttons fit the bill perfectly! They are really awesome and I am going to paint a few of them with my own design to make them even more personal! Love love love this product!


grazing sheep

We all know how I love sheep & England so I had to share these pictures from this fellow blogger. Enjoy!


Look at what I came across a few days ago: an enclosure full of woolly creatures ♡

I took the pictures while precariously standing on a stone wall with a very uneven surface… For a while I even contemplated the option of getting inside the enclosure; in the end I discarded the idea because of the unpredictable reaction that the creatures may have had and the wall and my outfit would have not been suitable for a quick retreat.

I was even shooting some short videos, but my free WordPress site won’t let me post videos!

Can you guess where this was taken? It’s in England and is a former Roman town…

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