Mother of Purl

Late last summer Hubs and I got this darling little kitten. She was said to be 8weeks old but acted and looked more like around 4 or 5 weeks. We decided to call her Purl. 

Hubs and I thought Purl would be a nice playmate for our Shi tzu, Molly. We soon discovered probably not. 

She seems to think she is better suited to the company and association of Brutus. Okay. Fine. I won’t pick your friends Purl. 

But Molly isn’t the only thing in our home Purl seems bent on destroying. 

She has systematically eliminated every nest, egg & bird in our home. None of them alive thankfully. But still, I rather liked them all. And that is not all. She has completely wiped out most decor and/or order atop every table, hutch, bookshelf or flat surface. Broken several prized possessions. Purl is either the clumsiest cat ever known to man or she breaks all of my lovelies for pure spite. 

Yes, she also drinks from the toilet. 

Still, there are moments when she is disarmingly charming. Sweet and beautiful. 

This window sill still remains intact… I pray she leaves me this tiny bit to enjoy. 

Gotta run, I think she has another victim!


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