Sheep in my hair

Here is my completed “I love my sheep hat” hat.

It’s a little small. Next time I will add 10-20 stitches to my cast on. Each pattern repeat is 10 sts. And that might make all the difference…we’ll see.
This one is going to my favorite little lady, Ova Mae. She’s 93 and from Montana. The sheep will be right at home on her head 😉
Off to bed now.

13 thoughts on “Sheep in my hair

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I love stranding and will attempt intarsia in a few days. Seems there is a bit of prep work required when using multiple colors…looks intimidating. Usually, once I get going on these scary things I find out they are really quite simple. Go figure.

    • Tinkerbell I know I replied to this but it doesn’t show 😦
      Please forgive my WordPress learning curve. I try to do everything from my little iPhone and it gets ridiculous at times.
      The point is Thank You for you gracious comment and kind words. They are very encouraging!

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