The Company of Women

Driving home from knitting group tonight, I marveled again at the camaraderie I have with this group of women. It has not always been so…
I grew up an outcast. From my schoolmates & peers, from my family, and ultimately from myself. Ah, but that is a story for another day.
My point is this, fiber artists seem to be a special breed. Like the material we work with, we are largely a warm and fuzzy lot. We reach out to share our craft and embrace anyone who shows the least bit of interest. We spend hours, weeks, even months pondering the person(s) whom we are currently knitting for, investing ourselves in even the simplest gift. We gather every week and cluck about our lives. We share stories like sisters. We laugh until tears wet our cheeks. Is it any wonder this community is where I finally found “home”?!
If you are not part of a group or if you tried one and it just didn’t “fit”, I urge you to find another. Or start one of your own! The blessings you will reap will astound you.
Do you belong to a group like mine? I would love to hear your stories!
And now this happy girl is off to bed 🙂
Good night fellow yarnies ~ Maria

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